Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week 16: Loving Being Pregnant

Now we are on track! Today I am 16 weeks, so I need to post about week 16 which was days 15 weeks 0 days to 15 weeks 6 days. Thanks for sticking with the bombardment of pregnancy posts this week!

Week 16:

Stats: I personally an up 8 pounds so far. Which puts me relatively on track. No concerns from my doctor and none from me either. We also got to hear the heart beat at our appointment this week! It is at 153, which is down from the 177 it was at the first appointment, but it normally slows down as they get older.

Symptoms: Mostly I have only had a head ache pretty much all of this last week. I think it is more work/computer related than pregnancy.

Baby development: Week 16 the baby is the size of an avocado, or 4-5 inches long and 3-5 ounces. The baby has developed the bones in its ears, so started hearing me this week!

Baby movement: I don't think I have really felt the baby yet, but there have been a couple "maybes" especially on lightrail in the mornings, which is right after I eat breakfast. It really is hard to tell because in case you didn't know, you get especially gassy when you are pregnant, and the flutters from the baby can feel a lot like gas at this stage.

Belly Progess: I have really started to feel more pregnant though. Especially on Friday, I started feeling like I am much more aware of my belly and where it is at. I have been touching my belly a lot at home for a couple weeks, but I have started doing it at work more now too. And I definitely have to hold my stomach together every time I sneeze (which is a lot, stupid pregnancy congestion). I absolutely love getting pregnant fat :) The pics above are from Tuesday. Today (Wednesday) I feel like I wasn't quite so bellyful, but my dress was much less fitted. I know the baby is still sitting pretty low based on where we measured the heartbeat (and by the fact that I have to pee all the time, I am hoping there may be an end in sight to that, move up baby, move up!).

Gender: We decided to go sneak up to my uncle's OB practice in Nebraska to get an extra ultrasound when we are in town next weekend. My mom suggested it and even though it is a little bit of a trek, we will hopefully get to see the gender :) If not, it is always fun to see the baby and we will get another chance a couple weeks later. Hopefully Dylan's mom will be able to sneak away from cooking and be able to come up with us and get to see her grandbaby! I am so unbelievably excited to get to see the baby again and BEYOND STOKED to get to find out the gender.

Along the gender lines, I still have no intuition or feeling about it. But apparently Dylan is sure what it is, only he won't tell anyone. He says he has it written down and he will let me know if he was right or wrong when we do find out. He says he just "knows." He has always been the intuitive one, so I believe him, I just wish he would tell me what he thinks!

Other: We received our first baby gift this week! One of my co-workers said she loves shopping the sales at JCPenneys and got us a shape sorter and an elephant PJ zip-over onesie. I seriously almost cried it was so sweet.

Dylan's Thoughts: He says he has enjoyed getting to talk about the baby at work. Especially with other people who have kids.

I think that is most of this week :)

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