Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hi There!

Where have I been for the last two months? I only wrote three blogs in the last two months, the last of which was over a month ago.

I have two easy reasons why I haven't been blogging: 1) I have been completely exhausted and 2) My mind has been otherwise occupied with one topic that I wasn't ready to blog about yet. With those two [powers] combined...


By now we have told our close friends, our families, and our workplaces, so now we can finally tell the world!

The big questions everyone asks:

When are we due? June 5, 2013. We have a little June bug on the way!

How far along am I? As of today, November 29, I am thirteen weeks and one day. Depending on who you ask and how they are counting, that means I am in my second trimester!

How have I been feeling? I will be giving you a detailed weekly blog (I have been tracking since we found out, so I will go back the last two months), but overall I have actually had a very easy first trimester. I didn't have much morning sickness. I never actually got sick, but did have some nausea, namely brought on by smells and food aversions (to left over food mostly, reheated foods smelled AWFUL!). The biggest thing is that I was (and still am some days) super tired. Hence the no blogging for two months. I really didn't do much of anything for two months. Dylan loved it :) But now I am swinging back to normal life off of the couch. Oh and let's not forget the peeing and eating twice as often!

Do you know the gender?/Will you find out the gender? We do not know the gender yet, but we will be finding out (in case you all missed that whole "planner" part...). We will find out at our 20 week appointment, which will be mid-January. Dylan wants a boy and I want a girl :) We will obviously be happy with a healthy baby!

We have had two appointments and ultrasounds and everything is looking really well so far!

This is the wigglebug from our twelve week appointment:

We are very excited and hope you enjoy our journey along the way!

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