Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weeks 1-5: Waiting - Positive Result!

I have been keeping a sort of unposted blog journal on my pregnancy. I will try to keep it minimally graphic, but please keep in mind A) this is my personal blog and B) being pregnant means a lot of very weird bodily changes and personally those are important to track too. 

I am tracking by weeks so when I say week 7, that means that I am six weeks on the first day of week seven and will be six weeks and six days by the end of week seven.

Weeks 1-2 don't really count since you aren't even pregnant. And sometime during week three implantation occurs.  So there is really nothing to note on these.

Week 4: 

Since my weeks start on Wednesdays, halfway through week four is when I really first thought I was pregnant this go round of trying to conceive. I had some light, weird cramps over the weekend, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I never get cramps except for one day each month and this was definitely too early for that. That made me think we had a shot of actually being pregnant this month.

Week 5: 

After I went two days without Aunt Flow arriving, I took my home pregnancy test that Thursday morning, September 28th and got a BIG FAT POSITIVE! 

This was at 6am and I woke Dylan up and showed him the Nebraska onesie I had bought a couple months ago as my way of telling him we are pregnant. 
Size 0-3 Months. So it should work for the beginning of the season!

Super cute for either gender I think.

I said something along the lines of "We are having a little Husker fan!"

His first response: "No!" Sounds really mean, but truly it was because he was asleep and didn't want to get up. I did make him get up and go to breakfast with me though since I was going out of town that afternoon. He was definitely very excited and we spent pretty much all of breakfast smiling.

We decided to wait to tell my parents until after my doctor's appointment the following Monday and to give my body a couple days to make sure everything was going well. Plus that way I could tell them in person.

I did tell my sister though, since she has been involved in more of the day to day details of all of this. She promised not to tell my parents anything!

I was in Austin for the weekend and had to deal with being around drinking and not being able to drink! And I also had to hold my tongue, which is never easy for me. Since we were trying anyways, I just said we were in the middle of our two week wait and I didn't want to mess any of that up. Plus not drinking meant no hangovers and that worked just fine for me! 

I did start to have some pregnancy symptoms start up. I had some more cramping (just my muscles under my uterus growing/expanding to support the weight. And they expanded right into my bladder, I swear!), a little nausea, plus sore boobs for sure.

On the Monday after my trip, I went into my doctor's office. Turns out they don't really do blood tests very often these days. She said (she being the physician's assistant, my doctor is off on Mondays) that home pregnancy tests are really reliable these days and after she asked me about a couple symptoms, she said that I was definitely pregnant. The next step was to find a OBGYN and pick a hospital and then at 8 weeks I can go in for my first ultrasound. She gave me a couple recommendations and I was on my way.

Monday night we went to go see my parents so that we could tell them. Dylan said my mom was asking about grandchildren all weekend and my sister said my mom asked her directly if she had heard anything. 

So when we told them, (nothing too fancy, just that we had an announcement and that we were pregnant), my mom said she knew it! We had gone to the Jason Mraz concert the Monday before (so even before I missed my period), and my mom said she thought I had a glow about me then. Then the fact that we hadn't said anything about it for a couple days... Plus my mom is just very intuitive about everything. 

Even Dylan's mom said she had a feeling the day before since it hadn't come up for a couple days. We had called his parents on the way home from my parents' house. I think we had told Dylan's sister over the weekend or earlier in the day, so for a while just our siblings knew besides the two of us!

Overall it was a great beginning to our pregnancy! I will try to post the next couple weeks soon as well as post some recent updates. We are currently in week 15 and everything is going well :)

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