Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holiday Season

Did you all realize that Thanksgiving is less than a month away?

Or that Christmas is just over two months away?

Halloween is next week too, while we are at it.

I don't think we are doing any thing at all for Halloween this year. Since it is on a Wednesday that makes it difficult, plus I am old at heart and have no desire to go experience a bunch of drunk people downtown. We may actually carve pumpkins this weekend since Dylan wants to make some pumpkin pie from scratch, but it depends on what my sister's plans are for the weekend.

For Thanksgiving this year I will actually be in Colorado. One of my aunt's will be in town so it should be a pretty big Thanksgiving on my Dad's side. It will be nice to just have one Thanksgiving dinner unlike the last two years when we have been in Nebraska and have eaten with both my family and Dylan's family.

Christmas is the big kicker this year. My mom decided last week that we need to do a holiday in Nebraska (keep in mind that I have spent four of the last five Thanksgivings out there...). This is mostly due to her parents getting older and my mom missing her family in general. So we will be going to Christmas. This will be my first Christmas there in 16 years. That obviously means it will be Dylan and I's first Christmas together in Nebraska and it will be Dylan's first Christmas there since 2008. Needless to say, Dylan is super excited.
Since the initiative came from my mom, we will be doing actual Christmas in Omaha with my mom's family and Christmas Eve will be with Dylan's family.

While I am excited for Christmas (always!) and interested to see how things go in Nebraska for both Christmas and Christmas Eve, I am definitely cooled down a few degrees by the weather.

Here are the stats:

Denver on Christmas Day:
Average High Temp: 43.8
Warmest High: 69 (2005)
Coldest Low: -10 (1983)
Greatest Snowfall: 7.8" (2007)
Greatest Snow Depth: 24" (1982)

Omaha on Christmas Day:
Average High Temp: 33.3
Warmest High: 57 (1946)
Coldest Low: -17 (1983)
Greatest Snowfall: 5.8" (1941)
Greatest Snow Depth: 13" (1983)

So while there is less snow overall, it is FREEZING. A whole 10 degrees colder anyway you look at it. Plus all the humidity. Eww.

PLUS in 2009 there was so much snow and ice that Christmas was pretty much cancelled. No one could get anywhere at all. But that only happens once in a lifetime right? So we should be in the clear, right? :)

At least I have a husband and two fluffy things to keep me warm :) Plus hot chocolate and a lot of delicious food.

That's our holiday plans. Anyone else doing anything exciting?

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