Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0: Week 19

As of the end of week 19 we are onto week 20, which means half way there!

It has been almost two weeks where I have been able to feel kicks at least once every day. It is nice to have a consistent, happy reminder to think about the little baby growing inside. I think it will still be a couple more weeks until other people can feel kicking, but the baby is getting closer to big kicks!
One of the downsides of pregnancy is that you can’t really take many medications and I have started fighting a sore throat, head ache, cold thing this week. Tylenol helps and would help more if I remembered to put some in my purse and bring it with me. Everyone always only has ibuprofen, so I just have to deal.  
I can tell the belly is growing since it has been achy from stretching this week.
I definitely notice I can’t fit Vander on my lap as well either…
Dylan and I decided I am pretty close to my size at around 26 weeks last time.
One more week successfully in the books!

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