Friday, March 23, 2012

Dream Job

7. What is your dream job, and why? From list of 30 Questions

Our first 30 Questions topic was our dream job. Mostly because when I read through this list that was one of the questions that I didn't really have an answer to.

Per usual, I asked the question and Dylan responded first.

He said his dream job would be an analyst. Ideally for ESPN. Or something like NASA.

He is a math major and he really enjoys playing around with numbers and making them have meaning. We have talked before about how cool it would be to work for ESPN and help create all the different stats you see and hear during games.

NASA or science is a newer one to me, but it makes sense since his first major was chemical engineering.

I was a little more difficult. As much as I really enjoy accounting, since you can really work for any kind of company and industry and I really like working for a real estate company, it definitely can't be considered my dream job.

After thinking about it, I decided something related to organizing or decorating would be awesome. It's not that I especially think I am really skilled at that, I just get a lot of personal enjoyment out of doing those things. In terms of a job, I would be a professional organizer that goes to people's house that helps them get organized.  I absolutely love going through piles of stuff (when I have time to do it!). I think interior designer would be great too, since I really love looking through ideas and admiring peoples' houses for their decor.
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The main concern I have about doing something like that is the customer service aspect. The whole "the customer is always right." I definitely think everyone has their own style, but I could see me struggling with some of the customer service aspects.

It would also be challenging to most likely run my own business. The interesting thing on being an entrepreneur is that when I was in high school I always pictured myself running my own business. Now I mostly have no desire to go through that much stress!

For a good while I plan on sticking with accounting, but I'm only 24 so who knows. And Dylan definitely wants to get more involved in something more analytical. We'll see what the future brings!

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