Monday, June 6, 2011

Puppy Update

We finally got the house all settled and I was just starting to get excited about the new puppy. (On a side note I realized I really do need two things going on at all times in my life, currently the wedding and the puppy).

This Saturday I got an email from our breeder saying that the mom wasn't actually pregnant. She said that the mating just didn't take and that this had never happened before with this dog. She said we could move our deposit to another dog that will be going into heat soon and would be due at the end of August and the puppies would be available for pick up at the end of October.

October really isn't great for us because I am really busy at the end of October so I definitely would not be able to go pick the puppy out and then January through April is my other busy season so I just wouldn't be able to commit as much time to the puppy and training.

I asked if it would be possible to get a male from one of the other litters that were going to be ready for pick up around the same time (end of July/beginning of August) as the original set.

Our breeder replied that there was one male available from a litter born May 25th that would be ready for pick up after July 20th. There were four males and one of them will be ours! We don't get to pick which one, but I asked the breeder and she said she has never had an aggressive dog from any of her litters and they all have wonderful dispositions.


This is the mom, Kiersten:

And this is the dad, Olie. He is Freya's dad too, so they are half-siblings :) :

The plan is for me to go out after going to Lake Mac with my family July 28th. So I will go out for camping that Wednesday the 27th and camp through Friday. Then I will leave early Saturday morning and drive out to north-central Iowa to where the puppy is at. Then I will drive from there to Omaha or Lincoln and stay with my grandparents or Dylan's parents. Then Sunday I will drive back to home.

I will try to see if I can take another day off, preferably that following Monday and space out the driving. I may also get him shipped since we don't get to pick which one we want anyways. That might be easiest and I think the cost is just a little higher compared to driving.

Now just waiting for pictures to arrive and to know which one we will get!


  1. Male is better anyhow; then you'll still have a little lawn left at the end of the season (unlike us :) )

  2. Where is the farm at again? maybe i could pick him up on my way back from OK? lol just an idea... but i should be done with work about April 1st... or sooner. whatever i feel like. :D i'll call you.


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