Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clearance Organizing Inspiration

Yesterday after my hair cut I decided to stop by Target to get some more allergy eye drops (which I use daily and had run out on Thursday!) and to browse. I love browsing at Target for stuff, especially house stuff.

I made this lovely find for $10!
I had seen this on Pinterest last week and absolutely loved it as an alternative to the second picture, which was my first bathroom inspiration find (and that I would still love to do some day!).

The reason I wanted something is to allow me to put some more things on the counter top with out it looking cluttered. It also can give me a way to add some more decor to the room by adding more color with other objects, etc.

Here is the before on the bathroom:

Nothing wrong with it. Simple. We keep most of our stuff in our drawers. However, I wanted to add a q-tip and cotton pad holder to the counter, but I felt it would be too cluttered.

Enter the three tier stand:

As you can see, I rearranged it for the second shot. This is how it is right now. I want to get the q-tip and cotton ball containers for the top I think.

This sparked me to go through and arrange the rest of the bathroom too.

Here are the before shots:
Top drawer before the stand on the counter (the box in the back is now on top of the stand)

Hair stuff

Random deep bottom drawer

My cabinet (I am on the right of the bathroom)

Other side of my cabinet

Dylan's cabinet (Ok, really he has like nothing in there, so really just the left cabinet)

Other side of the left cabinet
I started by emptying everything out and sorting it into piles. Trash pile, pile of stuff to go in the other bathroom where we store our "extras" of items, the toilet paper rolls are extras for a craft project if I decide I want more, then stuff I wanted to keep in this bathroom.

Here is the after!
Nice and clutter free!
By using a shallower basket you can see all of the nail polish colors. (Picked up two of these baskets for $1 at Target)

By moving the mouthwash over to "Dylan's side" I can more easily get the hair dryer out
Dylan's side. The other half is pretty much the same with the trash and extra toilet paper. This is much less cluttered :)

Top drawer. Just easier to get the stuff in the back without the q-tip box.

I put the pony tails on a ring and everything else in the other basket from Target.

This is my favorite genius idea from reorganizing the bathroom. I use the make-up bag for my every day stuff so I can just grab it and use it on the counter and easily put it away.

Below the bag is the rest of my make-up (I'm really not a huge make-up person)

Then you take out the basket that hangs over the edges and you have space below that! These are my extra medicines we want to keep in the bathroom. In the back is my hair spray and gel, along with a larger pallet of eye shadow.

Hooray! It is so much more functional now and easier to get to and see everything. We also got rid of a lot of crap we didn't need or want.

I love being productive like this! Next up I'll show you my reorganization of the "medicine cabinet" in the linen closet. I had to come up with something for those nice baskets I had in the bathroom before!

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