Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get ready...

Last week Dylan and I had a conversation to provide our updated opinions on baby making and that timeline.

There are pros and cons to waiting versus not-waiting.

Things like my work schedule, but that ends up being the opposite timeline of harvest for Dylan's parents to be able to be out here.

Things like financially, which we both feel very good about these days.

Things like my crazy baby fever.

Ultimately we decided we just need to go to Italy and we are all set! Which mostly means an epic victory on my part since that means we get to start a month and a half earlier than expected :)

Now let me preface all of our trying to conceive with the fact that once we hit go (i.e. after Italy) I will not really be talking about it.

We both committed to waiting a full trimester of pregnancy before we tell anyone except for our parents and sisters (and some of them are even up in the air...). We both have had way too many instances of friends and family telling people too early and then they have a miscarriage and have to tell more people about it than they would really like.

So that means that I will have to not blog about babies or pregnancy for a good while (well hopefully only like 3 or 4 months.. LOL). It will totally suck. I try not to be too baby crazy on my blog anyways, but when that will be one of my past times and a huge event in my life, I will not be able to talk about it for at least three months! In the end I know I won't regret it, but that doesn't mean it will be easy.

In preparation for all of this, and even in line with our previous timeline, I placed a call to my doctor last week to get some prescription prenatal vitamins in order to get me nice and ready for some baby growing.

I finally had a chance to pick up the prescription and get it filled tonight.

Since my doctor was out of the office when I called in I had a really generic prenatal vitamin prescription. The pharmacist asked if I wanted "DHA or non-DHA"? I starred at him blankly and asked what the difference was. He said not much cost wise, but DHA is essentially Omega fatty acids (fish oil stuff everyone is always saying is good for you). I figured why not. (I have subsequently read an article, here, that sounds like it is definitely a good idea to have DHA)

I waited my fifteen minutes, bought some new mascara and pressed powder (trying to refresh my make-up collection that is like 3 years old...). Picked up my prescription and drove home.

This is what I got:
 Open 'er up and you get giant blue horse pills!
 Look at these things?! They are longer than a quarter!
Let me elaborate by saying that A) I am not a great pill taker. I have made great strides in the last 6-7 years, but still not great and B) That I am a terrible vitamin taker. I tried the One-A-Days for a bit like 2 years ago and I get nauseous within about 4 minutes if I don't eat something with them.

So these will be fun.

In addition, the directions and warnings say to take with a full 8 ounces of water. No problem. They also say they don't recommend taking the pill with dairy since they don't mix well in your stomach. Since I planned on taking these with breakfast, which is usually yogurt and granola, I will have to find something else to eat instead or in addition to.

Really I think this is just the first step to "Welcome to a lot of random things going in and out of your body for 9 months or so."

Let the countdown begin!

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