Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scrapbook Canvas Art: How To and Reveal

A couple weeks ago I began my DIY scrapbook canvas art by getting my materials and planning my design.

Last weekend I finally put it all together! Here is my best rendition of a step-by-step!

1) Cut your cardboard into 9 12"x12" squares
2) Measure a 1" border around
Be sure to "cut into" the cardboard when you draw your lines with your pen or pencil. This will help when we fold the sides up.
3) Cut out the 1"x1" corners.
If you have any pieces that are "damaged" on just one side, be sure that side will be on the inside of the canvas.
4) Fold in your sides
5) Make sure all the sides fold up evenly. I couple of mine didn't and I just cut the sides down that were too tall. Don't be afraid to do this! I had to cut a couple more down when I was gluing the scrapbook paper on.
6) Hot glue the corners together. You will need to hold the corners together for the glue to dry. This was definitely the most time consuming part.
7) Cut the scrapbook paper the same way you cut the cardboard, measuring a 1" border and cutting out the corners.

8) Then time for mod podge! This was my first time using it and I definitely approve. Just be careful to place the paper on, line it up and then press it down from the middle out to eliminate bubbles.
I did the top first and then the sides. As I mentioned you may need to cut down the cardboard on some of them. I lined up the paper with the cardboard before I put the glue on.
Nice pretty stack of art!
9) Then I cut 4 1/8" strings of yarn and measured 3" down on both sides of a corner and used hot glue to attach the yarn. You could do this before you put the paper on as well.
10) Hang them up! Since we did a diamond shape we had to be really careful about how everything lined up. We drew a grid for the three down the middle and the three across the middle. We got to pull out our fancy laser level and Dylan actually did pretty good helping out (i.e. not too much fighting or getting upset, it's a work in progress). Then we just lined up the other pieces and made our grid for those. I think I still ended up having to redo two holes, but ah well.

I love it! It looks great! We still comment on how much we like it a week later, so that's a good sign.
And the best part, it was practically a free project! We used $0.60 worth of the scrapbook paper. The cardboard was free. The biggest use would have been the glue, but the glue sticks were free (stolen from my mom's house) and then I used maybe a quarter of my $6 mod podge bottle. Go me!
It was a great project to keep me busy most of last Saturday and adds some much needed decoration to our house :)

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