Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too Much Planning

I have been especially guilty of over planning this past week. Once I get one set of ducks in a row, I am on to the next. So once we got under contract on the house, it is on to the million things that can now happen as a result.

This morning I was daydreaming about puppy number two and getting to pick him out from his siblings. My current plan is to get puppy #2 when our dog breeder has puppies ready to go at the end of July/beginning of August. We had to get the house stuff figured out because I would not want to have another dog without having a yard. I am especially anxious/excited for puppy #2 because Freya would absolutely love a puppy and playmate.

Obviously once we have the house, we will need to furnish and decorate it! So most of my planning relates to the landscaping ideas and how to make the wet bar in the basement. I even continuously think about the things we will need to do right away, like painting and refinishing the floor and figuring out the dog door situation. I am always picturing how to rearrange furniture and what types of furniture I would want. I really just want to go bum around a bunch furniture stores to get ideas and see what I like. (Speaking of which, I cannot wait for the new IKEA to open in town!) I really should get a magazine subscription or find a blog about it.

Kind of along the same lines, I also keep going through the list of things we really do have to buy for the house like a ladder, lawnmower, hoses, etc. Then there is a Lowes commercial that keeps coming on about a couple that just bought a house and all the new things they have to learn. Ah, so much to get to do!

Obviously kids is the big next step, but I think I have pretty well covered that at this point. 

This is part of the reason Dylan said he wanted to wait to have kids, so that we can actually have a chance to just enjoy a part of life without too much going on. As I was explaining and reminding Dylan, I am terrible at sitting back and doing nothing. I will always need to have a project, have an activity, etc. At least kids will provide a lot of planning and organizing :) I promised to not overly plan their lives though, only the parts they wouldn't be able to plan because they are too young.

So I am being my notorious ongoing planning self, but I will try to at least ease of Dylan so he can think we are stopping and smelling the roses!

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  1. Just remember to take everything one day at a time, some times the crazy surprises that you didn't plan for at all end up being the best parts of your life...I know you don't like chaos but I think inevitably it will catch up to you at some point ;)


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