Friday, March 30, 2012

Where Would You Live?

Next question from 30 Questions: Where Would You Live and Why?

Dylan First!

Dylan said he would want to live in England or Germany based on their economic, political and social status. Dylan is all about the more socialized political system with socialized health care. Both places, especially Germany apparently have much better funding for higher education. They are also strong enough economies that job hunting and stability wouldn't be too much of an issue. 
What a well thought out answer! Totally legit reasons for living somewhere, but way less fun.

My response was initially Italy or California. Essentially I would ideally have a beach with a great climate. I want a place that supports a busy life style with a lot of things going on. I would ideally move my family out to where ever we were as well, since that is one of the most important parts of my life.
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Personally, my answer is much more fun and imaginative, but Dylan's is a better and more realistic answer.

I think Colorado is a pretty great place to live, but it is always fun to dream!

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