Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning to Share

If I am really honest, I'm probably not a great sharer.

When I was trying to convince Dylan to propose (what, two years ago now?!), he, mostly jokingly, told me that I had to learn how to share first.

I really have made an effort on most things. We always shared chores. I share the TV better, share the computer better, share my time better. Little things.

One thing I struggle with, am struggling with and will potentially always struggle with, is sharing the holidays.

Between Dylan and I there are the following groups of people for the holidays:
-My parents
-My Dad's Dad
-My Dad's Mom
-My Aunt in CO
-Dylan's parents/family (his family is small that really there is only one option/event to go for any given holiday)
-My Mom's Family

The first four options are in Colorado and the last two are in Nebraska, about 45 minutes apart.

I am generally pretty flexible about Thanksgiving, at least compared to Christmas. We have been following the location of the CU-Nebraska football game (so alternating from CO to NE) until this year. This year we will be in Nebraska again (we were in NE last year) because it is my Mom's Dad's 80th birthday, so there is going to be a big party. And Nebraska plays at home while CU plays away, so we will still follow the football game, kind of (I don't know if we will necessarily go to all the games or any of them, but ah well).

Now we have the issue of what family to pick for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year we ate dinner and spent about 4-5 hours with Dylan's family on Thanksgiving after visiting his friend in the morning for a bit. Then we went up to Omaha to see my family, but we had missed a lot of people and everyone had already eaten their first servings of pie. The cousins all ended up going out the bar after and it ended up being probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings as a result. Technically, since we ate dinner with Dylan's family last year, it would be time with my family this year.

My family usually does "dinner" at around 2 I think, so now Dylan's mom is hosting their Thanksgiving this year at 5pm so that we can make it to that dinner too.

The issue is not eating two Thanksgivings (although maybe that should be the issue...), but that then it messes up being in Omaha to potentially go hang out with the cousins after dinner and dessert.

Dylan firmly said that he will be at his family dinner with or without me. I asked politely if we could talk about it because we don't make stubborn decisions like that.

By going to my family dinner and then Dylan's family's dinner we get to see all of both of our families, so I know that is the best answer. And I know that we will be seeing more of my family on the Saturday for my Grandpa's birthday, so it is the right thing to go see Dylan's family. But there is better Black Friday shopping in Omaha... but Lincoln has enough stores and I don't plan on shopping that much anyways.  But I won't be able to hang out with just my cousins as much... ah well...

In the end, I guess I will share Thanksgiving because I am a good sharer now (being married and all...) plus I know what goes around comes around ;)

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