Sunday, December 8, 2013

Six Months

Finally getting around to Vander's six months post!

We didn't have his doctors appointment until Wednesday and his official stats are 19 pounds 8 ounces, which is 79% and 27.5 inches long, which is 81%. So still around the same pace. I can't remember if I mentioned his head was kind of flat, but the doctor said it looks like it is getting better, so we don't need to worry about going the helmet route.

The most defining thing of this last month was some serious sleep regression. We went from Vander sleeping from 8pm to around 6am straight about 75% of the time to not sleeping through the night for the whole month. It started with Vander learning to roll in his sleep and wanting to sleep on his side. So we had to officially give up the swaddle (he was generally half swaddled with one arm out). When he got that all settled he went through a growth spurt. Then we dealt with a stomach bug and teething. (Just past six months he did sleep through the night once so far! So there is hope).

After being spoiled with Vander being an excellent sleeper, that made this month that much longer since I was not used to getting interrupted in my sleep.

He is an excellent sitter. I still watch him really closely since he gets excited about things and falls back every now and then. He is rolling more, but I was still thinking he might not crawl until last weekend when he started being more interested in moving after things. His favorite is having you hold his hands while he walks around. In the last week he went from taking some steps but mostly just standing, to starting to take bigger steps and more consistently.

He also really found his feet this last month and loves playing with them and taking off his socks. He also loves watching the puppies; he smiles at them all the time.

He is a busy boy and very grabby these days. I know he is teething but it is crazy how EVERYTHING ends up in his mouth. Actually, I can see his brain is moving past that a little since he watches himself wave objects around and sees what they look like from different angles. It is crazy how much more he able able to do all the time!

Vander chunked out again this month! He had kind of slimmed down and lost his rolls for a bit, but they came back this month :) I definitely know it is harder to carry him around the house for long. He skyrocketed out of six month size clothes into nine months (and twelve months for some brands and things like pjs)

He is still he happiest, easiest going baby I know! At Thanksgiving he had no issues being passed around and was happily entertained by everyone and entertaining back in return. He was happy and smiley the whole time while we were around everyone, and only the nights were a little stressful with the teething.

No teeth had popped up by 6 months, so I will cover that next month. :)

I think that is about all for this last month!


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