Monday, November 25, 2013

My Busy Boy

Vander just gets more and more awesome every day.

It is so fun to think about what he may end up being into when he gets older.

Sometimes his hair looks kind of nerdy. Sometimes preppy.

Sometimes he is into reading and sometimes he isn't.

He has always been completely fascinated with ceilings and their fixtures.

Most boy clothes are sports related, so he always seems sport focused even though it is totally unrelated.

Plus we have this super cute stacker from one of my cousins.

So maybe he will play basketball like his grandpa

Or soccer like his papa.

Or do rowing like his dad.

Or maybe no sports.

Maybe he will enjoy debate.

Or book club.

All I know is he is already a busy boy.

And that I will give him the opportunity to do whatever he might want to try.


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