Sunday, December 29, 2013

First Christmas

We had a couple firsts this Christmas, most importantly it was our first Christmas with Vander!

I won't go through all the details, since it was a pretty busy couple days, but it was absolutely awesome!

We went to visit Santa a couple weeks ago and Vander did awesome! They have a Breakfast with Santa in our neighborhood that was so much fun and much preferred to standing in line at the mall. It was even better since we got to hang out with Vander's buddies too!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays this year was my sister coming to town! I hadn't seen her since Labor Day weekend, which is by far the longest time we have ever been apart. We hopefully won't do that again, but flights to Billings are expensive :(.

Dylan, Vander and I also went to the Chatfield Botanic Gardens Trail of Lights for the first time with the rest of my family. We picked a great night since it wasn't too cold but it also snowed while we were there which was super pretty.

Vander's First Christmas shirt (the bottom says "I am on the nice list"):

Christmas Eve was fun and the best part was seeing Vander and his cousin Riley

Vander got his first Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve.

The absolute best part of Christmas was the morning snuggles :)

Vander's main gift from Santa was a playhouse at our house and a wagon at Super G and Papa's house.

Vander was definitely the best present of the year though:

We did have a couple lessons learned...

Like make sure you buy the extension cord for the Christmas lights more than two days before Christmas, since then you might actually have time to plug them in.

Double check the recipe for Chrismas breakfast earlier than midnight.

Wrap presents earlier. This was our biggest lesson learned. We could have at least wrapped the presents for everyone except for Vander before and that would have saved at least two hours of time on Christmas Eve, namely in the form of sleep.

The only other difficulty we had was making sure Vander napped well enough.

It was an absolutely great Christmas and we were all very spoiled! So glad to be able to spend so much time with family.

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