Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why Vander is a Munchkin

People always ask if we call Vander "Van". I always say he is welcome to go by that but we have never called him that. We usually call him Vander or Vanderman. I also call him "Buddy" a lot. These days though, I mostly call him "Munchkin" or "Little Munchkin."

Technically this is the same nickname I have from my dad. I don't know if that is why I call him Munchkin, but it definitely fits him.

Because he eats all the time!

He got his first teeth right at the beginning of the December and they have popped out pretty well. He has also developed his chewing motion a lot. So that means we get to feed him more foods!

Vander tried his first proteins this month! Vander had turkey first (below, in baby food format) and has since tried chicken.

Vander had blueberries too...

Vander also started strawberries this month.  No issues there! Which is not surprising, since he was partially made from strawberries.

We also introduced yogurt, which he really liked as well. I think the cold felt good on his next round of teeth that are coming in.

The most fun addition this month was puffs! They are great to get him used to chewing food. It is like 25 calories for 75 pieces, so it really isn't substantial food, and is intended to help them learn to use their jaw more for eating. We have tried the sweet potato and strawberry apple flavors so far.

He has gotten more of our food too. My mom retried avocado when we were out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and he loved it this time. I think he wasn't quite ready for the texture before. He has had some bread pieces and more potatoes. We also let him try our pumpkin waffles, which he loved.

Fortunately there really aren't any food allergies in my family, since while we try to maintain the one new food every four days, some foods (like pumpkin waffles) are a little more complex.

Vander has been doing a sippy cup at daycare a little bit, so we finally tried it at home.  We took out the valve that would make it not spill, so that he could drink it more easily, and now he mostly just makes a mess.

He is my little munchkin and I love him so much!

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