Monday, October 14, 2013

Leaps and Bounds

Vanderman is just growing by leaps and bounds! I feel like he has changed so much even over the last two weeks (four months post).
He can officially sit up on his own, at least for a little bit.
He is eating solids. We had started out with rice cereal, but tried sweet potatoes Sunday. Definitely much more successful! Tonight we tried rice cereal again, and after the last two "meals" had been sweet potatoes, it was definitely not as tasty in Vander's opinion. So I think the rice cereal will go to the wayside and we will make our way though veggies. I am so excited to have to have space for Vander's food in our house! We had only used a small part of a shelf in the pantry for formula before, and I was storing the bottles on the counter as they were washed and used. Now we have bowls and spoons and baby food too!
He has been playing with his voice so much these last couple days! He is constantly chatting and has now added some shrieks to his repertoire.
He is grabbing absolutely everything. He can even pass things between his hands on occasion.We definitely think he is going to be right handed as it seems to be his dominant hand.
He is getting so close to rolling over! I keep making him practice both back to front and front to back. He is close on the front to back.
He doesn't have any teeth yet but I think they are trying really hard.
He generally just loves having fun and experiencing new viewpoints. He loves standing, being lifted in the air, laying upside down on my legs, sitting on the floor, laying on the bed, sitting at the table, he is just constantly taking everything in.
I just love watching him experience the world. :)
I also packed up his couple newborn size and all of his three month sized clothes today. So much cuteness that I may never see again! I love him getting bigger, but it is bittersweet to officially move stuff out of his room already!

It has been amazing being his mom and watching him grow!

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