Monday, October 21, 2013

My First "He's Growing Too Fast!" Moment

After a great weekend in Breckenridge...

We went shopping at the outlets in Silverthorne on the way back home. Vander is currently in six month clothes, but always moves up a size in pajamas before he does the rest of the attire (mostly because of the footies I think). We also had mostly received 3 and 6 month clothes from our baby showers, which totally made sense since that was summer and we all figured he would wear warmer weather stuff for those sizes. I would say we are in the middle of our 6 month size, So I figured we could stop at the outlets to grab some 9 months clothes, 9 month pjs and a couple 12 month items.

We found a lot of cute stuff but what I was not prepared for was the unhinging that occurred at the thought of my adorable little munchkin growing out of onesies! I don't know why I am/was so devastated at the thought of onesies not coming in his size anymore! (This is mostly for after 12 months, but even a lot of 12 month and a couple nine month outfits were onesie-less!)

I was doing the math and my estimates are that he will be in 9 month size around Thanksgiving (6 months old) and 12 month attire starting around Christmas. Who knows until we get there and I hear they maybe slow down growing, but still terrifying.

I have done really well with Vander growing up because it is all so much fun! I think I was due for a little stop in my tracks freak out moment over my little baby getting bigger. The first of many, I know.

Dylan's response to this: "We will see if we even make it to Germany in May." Insinuating that I may not be willing and able to wait very long for baby number two if I am already freaking out about baby number one becoming less of a baby. Let's just say Germany is pretty much the only thing keeping baby number two at bay.

I am enjoying all of my little Vander snuggles and moments, every size and step of the way!


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