Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Cleanse: Day 2

Since I got a couple of questions about it, I figured I could actually give the details of the cleanse I have just finished day 2 of.

This is the cleanse! It includes the supplements and the pamphlet of information on what you can and can't do. I bought it at Vitamin Cottage for about $18.

You take a set combination of pills each day (detox set, fiber set, and a probiotic), eat what you are supposed to eat, don't eat what you aren't supposed to eat. They recommend only gentle yoga or walks during the cleanse.  I didn't even realize you aren't supposed to do "vigorous" exercise, but I guess that makes sense with the whole diuretic thing.

So far it has gone well! I really haven't been any hungrier than I normally am. I am enjoying the new things I am eating. I had never tried almond butter before, definitely delicious. I hadn't really tried hummus much and had that today with my whole grain crackers and enjoyed it way more than I expected. The third thing that I was surprised by was when I had an orange with breakfast yesterday morning and found it delicious too. I hadn't eaten an orange since my soccer or swim team days.

Two days down, eight to go!

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