Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving Out and Moving In

Moving sucks. It just does.

We decided we didn't quite have enough stuff to merit getting movers, so we had family and friends help us move.

Before the actual moving out though, comes the packing. Two days before we moved, I googled moving checklists and it turns out I was supposed to start weeks ago. No one gave me that memo. It also didn't help that I was gone for the whole week before at training, because even without looking at a checklist, I would have started packing.

The main reason I would have liked to start early is that we ended up packing a lot of junk that we don't need and won't use. If I would have had time to go through everything, we would have gotten rid of a lot. Instead we ended up throwing everything in a box. Can't win them all.

Here is our packing progress on the old house:

We were storing all the boxes in the dining room

Taking apart all the big things (this is the foosball table)

Emptying out the rooms and getting them ready for moving

My parents, a family friend, my grandma and two of my girlfriends came over to help load up the Uhaul and move into the new house. Of course it was pouring rain off and on all day and during moving. We managed to get most stuff in the first truck load and then my dad and Dylan went back to get a second load later.

On account of the rain, we had half of the people moving stuff into the house from the truck and the other half moving boxes into the appropriate rooms so that we didn't track mud and dirt everywhere.

Everyone was so helpful! We truly appreciate everyone's help with all of it :)

After we moved basically everything (we had our clothes and a good chunk of random items in the old house still) my parents and Dylan and I had a glass of champagne to celebrate Dylan and I buying our first house.

Then we headed back to my parents to pick up the dog and stopped at the hold house to grab clothes for the next day. Just to give you an idea our progress on Wednesday these are from the end of the night when we went back:

This was the room full of boxes. Just stuff on the counters left
There was a couch, a desk, and a stack of cubes/shelves that were moved from here

Our bedroom. Just the cushions for outside left in here along with clothes.
We went back Thursday to get the rest of the stuff at the old house. When we went back Saturday to clean, there were of course a couple things we forgot. There were some dishes in the the dishwasher and random things under the stairs still. Cleaning went pretty well, but it was a little hard to care too much when the house was in terrible shape when we moved in and with our landlord being as ridiculous as she was, we don't expect much of our deposit much anyways.

Tonight the carpets got cleaned and we left the key in the lock box. We are all done with the old house! (well we still have to change most of the addresses... but getting there!)

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  1. Don't forget the blackout curtain liners!!


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