Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Four Months

Vander is four months old now!

He was 16 pounds, 15 ounces on Monday at the doctors office. I had measured him at about 26.5 inches long about a week before. He has his official doctors appointment on Friday, so I will have growth percentages after that. He is pretty much all in 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. We had to put away the three month stuff because it wouldn't fit over his head anymore!

Also on Friday we will hopefully be getting the go ahead to start feeding solids! Man this kid is hungry. He seriously went from eating like 20 ounces a day two and a half weeks ago to eating 40 ounces a day this weekend! He had crazy eating days and growth spurts the last two weekends. And since he has been eyeing our food more and more over the last month, we will definitely be starting solids this weekend unless the doctor says something otherwise. He has also been a champ about the bottle now too, no issues at all.

Vander has been a great sleeper still. I would say about half the time he sleeps through the night, from around 8pm to 6am, and the other half he wakes up once around 2:30am. And of course every now and then he wakes up more than once, like two weekends ago when he woke up three times to eat a whole bottle each time. Like I said, this kid is growing. We have also been working on weaning him off the swaddle and he has done really well!

In terms of development he is rocking tummy time, still not for super long, but he is pushing his body up and lifting his head the full 90 degrees. He loves sitting upright, but he isn't quite there yet on sitting up on his own. He grabs absolutely everything and puts it in his mouth. Tonight he even passed a straw from one hand to the other. He seems to prefer his monster lovey or a blanket to a pacifier these days so he can chew on it.

Vander is still super easy to tote around and bring anywhere. He is a chatty baby. We had our first baby giggles this month! I am not any good at determining personalities, but overall he seems to be an easy going and pretty content baby.

In the looks department, his eyes are starting to look more brown, like a muddy born color. His hair is getting much lighter too. We still get a mix of comments that he looks more like Dylan or I, but I think they are starting to lean more in Dylan's favor.

He is definitely my kid on the inside though. We had our first couple of illnesses this month. This week brought us the croup on Sunday night. It was super terrifying to be woken to a wheezing, coughing baby at 1:30am. I had croup every six months from like 6 months to about 2 1/2 years old. No fun!

It has been a great month and I look forward to seeing how much he grows and changes over the next couple weeks!


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