Saturday, August 31, 2013

Three Months

Three whole months! Vander is officially an infant and not a newborn!

He weighs 16 pounds and is 25 inches long. He still fits into some three month onesies, but any more fitted outfits have to be six months.

No smiles during our three month shoot today

He has been a fantastic sleeper. He has had more and more nights of sleeping through the whole night, which has been amazing. Even when he doesn't sleep the whole night, he has usually just gets up once at like 4 am. There were two notable exceptions these last two weeks. One involving me wake Dylan up for the first time since Vander arrived, since Vander had gone to bed really early and then was wide awake for two hours at 1am. The other bad night was Vander getting up three times, which he hadn't done since probably the first two weeks.

For eating, we are still breastfeeding in the morning, when we get home at night and any middle of the night feedings. He has gotten much better with the bottle and has been doing most or all of three or four four ounce bottles during the day and then maybe another some more bottle before bed.

I cannot believe how much more attentive he is and how much more intentional his movements are getting! He can get his hand into his mouth to suck on and self soothe when he wants to. He is checking everything out and he loves people watching. We finally hung his mobile up and he loves it.

We have also started reading to him this month. He really does not like Doctor Seuss, we have tried a couple times with different books. He seems to enjoy everything else though.

He is still totally rocking the standing up and has really gotten into sitting. He will curl himself up to a sitting position if he is laying on us at an incline (and then he will fall). He just likes to be able to see everything.

On the other hand we learned he really likes the swing. My neighbors had one their son didn't like and Vander loved it so we bought it from them. When he is sleepy in the evening we will put him in there and he will fall asleep. Saves us some tired arms, especially after a long day!

Vander is definitely still enjoying bath time and had a great time swimming at the pool.

He is trying so hard to talk! My favorite thing to do with him is go through the alphabet and say each letter and how it is pronounced. So I will say "d" the way the letter is said and then day "duh, duh" for how it is said as part of a word and he tries so hard to make his mouth do something like I am doing. It is so adorable and so entertaining.

Vander started daycare this last week and so far it seems like it is going well! I will write more about daycare once we get into it more.

Overall it has been an amazing month and I cannot believe how much this little guy has changed!


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