Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daycare Diaries

We have officially survived our first two weeks of daycare!
You may remember our trials of picking a daycare and then we finally made our choice at 36 weeks.
Picture from today. Supervised lovey time :)
We have been very pleased these last couple weeks! The week before Vander started we went in for orientation. The usual walking us through illnesses, signing in, emergency info, etc. and filling out paperwork. Vander hung out with the teachers in his room while we talked with the director. Orientation confirmed that Dylan and I made a great choice.
Two weeks ago we started daycare and I would say overall the transition has gone well. Depending on the day he doesn't nap as well, but the teachers said they think it has a lot to do with Vander not wanting to miss out on any action. He has already made friends (as far as babies make friends), with two girls of course. One girl was laying next to Vander on a play mat and rolled over from her back for the first time just to get a better look at him!
I felt good with our decision to put him in daycare since I knew he would get better stimulation and interaction than I was providing. Proof of this is the fact that most nights he sleeps all through the night and I have to wake him up in the mornings. Dylan also mentioned that Vander will probably want to be that much more mobile to keep up with the other kids and I think that will definitely be true.
We got our first set of news letters and curriculum last week for the month of September and it is so adorable to see what all he will "learn"!
The teachers love him and it really is nice to have a couple other sets of eyes to watch him grow and track his development. They are really great about talking with us about any questions we have and also telling us how he is adjusting.
The only downside of daycare is that right now he is the second baby dropped off in the morning and usually the last baby picked up. We pretty well maximize the 11 hours he is allowed to be at daycare. Hopefully once we get a second car Dylan will be able to do both drop off and pick up without having to also make sure I am at work on time.

I am curious to see how the next couple weeks go!

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