Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little Changes to My Big Little Boy's Room

As Vander is rapidly approaching one year old, he has very clearly grown and changed a lot over the last twelve months. I was beginning to feel like his room needed some changes too.

One change that really started almost two months ago was we stopped using the changing pad on the expedit shelf and started doing all changing on the floor on a towel. Less classy, but way more practical for a very mobile baby who can literally walk away from a diaper change right now.

Overall the desk hasn't changed too much, just more books and stuffed animals. We cleared out all of the cabinets in the desk, which mostly just had baby shower cards and baby product warranty/info guides. Vander clearly appreciates having his space with less "adult" items in them.

We tried to be hopeful and added blackout curtains behind his nautical curtains to see if that would help him sleep in past five am, but that has really not helped. We also added curtain hold backs so we can still let light in the room when Vander isn't sleeping.

A couple of weeks ago Vander must have pulled down his mobile since we found it in his crib after a nap one day... Super sad! We tried to fix it but there were too many things to do so we decided not to.

I wanted to point out one of our nursery necessities, a humidifier. While we definitely use it for humidity (we do live in the dry state of Colorado after all), we use it mostly for the white noise.

More for Dylan and I than for Vander, we added some command hooks for his jackets, hats and bath towel. Especially in the winter, it was annoying to have to go into his closet to grab a coat for him on the way out of the house. Having his sun hat easily available for the summer will help ensure I use it often too.

Finally, the new addition to his room is a little book shelf behind his door to keep some of his board books for him to easily access. They are at a great height for him and it is so adorable to see his books displayed. At this point he mostly just enjoys taking them all off of the shelves.

Those are the little changes as my little munchkin quickly is becoming all toddler and no more baby!


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