Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Favorite Products: The First Three Months

Everyone parents differently and all babies are different, but I thought it might be helpful to share our favorite products from the first three months.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are great! I so wish I would have known about them earlier. We received a ton of receiving blankets, the traditional basic gerber and store brand cotton blankets. Turns out Vander likes being swaddled and those little blankets only worked on our giant baby for about a week. We have since gone to other methods of swaddling (below) but these did work much better since they are big enough and stretchy enough to allow you to wrap tightly. We still use them all the time. They are great for tummy time, the car seat, the stroller, for snuggling at home. Definitely get some of these!

SnuggleMe Sleepers

While the blankets above are great for swaddling, I wanted something that made it easier to swaddle him without waking him back up. The Velcro can be a little noisy sometimes, but other than that they work great for us. He stays all wrapped up about 95% of the time (user error for that 5%).

BOB Revolution Stroller

This is the best stroller ever! So glad we decided to go big and get this. We managed to get some sweet savings by grabbing the stroller package (with the snack tray for baby and water console for mom) at REI on sale. It is so lightweight. It goes anywhere easily. I am looking forward to running with it in three more months and taking it around to other cool places like the zoo maybe.

Bright Starts Baby's Swinging Safari Playmat

This has been a great thing to entertain Vander! Around a month ago he really started getting into toys and he will chat at the monkey and lion toys. He especially likes the mirror. It works great to give me a couple minutes to get something done. It is a great play mat since it can fold up to have two sides up or four or none, if I need to contain him once he starts getting mobile.

Grass and Tree Drying Set

We got these from one of our friends and it has been great. It is plastic grass and tree to put bottles, nipples and other things out to dry. It sits perfectly in a little corner and is much more effective than just a towel. I know there are two different "seasons" of grass, one that is stiffer grass, so keep that in mind if you get more than one and want them to match. There is also a flower available to put smaller pieces in to dry.

Hopefully this is helpful if you are looking for what to get someone expecting a new baby or to put on your own registry!


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