Friday, July 19, 2013

You Know You Are a New Mom When...

You know you are a new mom when:

You call your husband upstairs to watch your 7 week old try to put a teething toy in his mouth.

You nearly cry when you see how excited your son is when he gets above mentioned teething toy actually to his mouth. Cannot believe how amazing it is to see his little brain going to work!

You don't want him crying ever. I am actually trying to get better about this ever since my mom mentioned that I don't allow him to cry. Babies just cry sometimes.

You make a conscious effort to talk to your baby all the time. You tell him what you are doing. You tell him why you are doing it. You tell him about the show on tv. And then realize after a little bit it is becoming an unconscious effort.

You have a pacifier in half the rooms in the house. And we don't even use them that much, so they must just get left everywhere.

Your left arm is getting really buff from carrying the baby since you are right handed.

You are becoming a master at doing things one handed. I even ate corn on the cob one handed!

You really appreciate adult conversations.

You realize most of your conversations are about the baby and wonder what you talked about before he arrived.

You realize you spend most meals/evenings/activities watching your baby and wonder what you did before he arrived.

You take pictures all the time. You also make an effort to not run to grab your camera every time something cute/amazing/adorable/new happens and try to just enjoy the moment.

I absolutely love being a mommy :)


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