Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pacifier Predicament

Last week we finally caved on using the pacifier.

Previously Dylan and I were not using a pacifier at all. Neither of us wanted Vander to become dependent on the pacifier. Our biggest concern was having to get up in the middle of the night to replace a pacifier. So we rejected using them entirely.

We had received a couple from my baby showers that I had registered for, but we really didn't even consider using them, even in the evenings when Vander would be more fussy.

When we were in Montana we used the pacifier in the car a couple times, mostly since we spent so much time in the car. It worked great to distract him from a wet diaper or to keep him occupied when he was bored.

We also used it a couple other times on the trip, but sparingly and only as a last effort. Generally we can bounce or rock him to calmness again without needing the pacifier.

Finally last week after realizing that Vander had started to use me as a pacifier after his evening feedings, I asked Dylan if we could start using it outside of just the car.

I did a little research to confirm we wouldn't be messing up my child or parenting goals. Per Baby Center pacifiers can be a big help as long as they aren't used for too long and the baby isn't too dependent. The fact that we are definitely well established at breastfeeding makes adding the pacifier less of a risk from that standpoint.

Dylan agreed to using the pacifier as long as it isn't used while he is sleeping, which I totally agree with. (Even though it can help reduce SIDS risk)

I have used it during my mommy and baby yoga, while out and about with Vander and sometimes in the evening when he is fussing. But there are days where we don't even use it.

It has been nice to be able to satisfy his sucking needs and have some peace and quiet when it is most needed. Does that make me a bad parent or just a parent? :)


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