Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My sincere apologies for not posting for like a week or two! As you know, we moved this last Wednesday. I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday packing. Then we spent Wednesday closing and moving. We also moved more Thursday night. Then our new roomies moved in Friday (more on that later :) ). Saturday we cleaned the old place and then I have been buying some new stuff for the house (essentials only) and running around like my usual crazy person self. Phew!

In the interest of drawing this out even longer, this blog will be about the closing on the house.
Step 1: Walk through of the house.

When we first drove up, there was still a huge PODS pod in our driveway (well not "ours" at this point, but close) and tons of boxes and stuff piled up along the side and front of the house. So we were initially put off by that because we were taking possession in 2 1/2 hours... but we decided to ask the seller at closing. The house itself was empty (phew!) but there was a grill and patio furniture in the back. We decided we'd definitely want the patio furniture since we didn't have an outdoor dining set.

Everything went well on the walk through. Nothing was missing and there were no new dents.

Step 2: Closing. i.e. signing your name, a lot.

Then we headed over to closing at the title company. We got there about 30 minutes before the seller because we have a lot more to sign because of the loan. Strangest thing to sign was a sheet with every way your name has ever been documented or signed. So my normal signature is first name, middle initial and last name. I also had to sign on this paper first name and last name and then first name, middle name, and last name. That last one was hard! I don't think I have really ever signed with my full middle name, so trying to remember the cursive for it was difficult.

Closing took FOREVER. Our mortgage broker said it was the longest closing she had been to. I guess the closer person at the mortgage company was new, so she took longer. We did find out more about the previous owner though. So the house was built in 1990. The previous owners bought it in 1996 and rented it out the first 9 years and then moved in about 5 years ago. When they moved in they remodeled essentially the entire house to how it looks now. I guess they own a lot of properties they rent out, since she moved into one of their other properties. We also found out they were an arranged marriage. Literally her brother met this guy in school and the guy asked if he could marry his sister without even meeting her. They have been married 42 years though so I guess it kind of worked out.

But we got it all done and the house was officially ours! Then it was on to moving!

Since closing took forever, we were late getting back to the old house, but my parents and people had already started moving things into the Uhaul.

Also, turns out the stuff piled in front of the house was for ARC to pick up and when we got back the POD was gone.

Also also, we got a bottle of wine and champagne from our mortgage broker, so we enjoyed that with my parents after we finished moving on Wednesday :)

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