Sunday, July 8, 2012

Livin' It Up

We now officially have living room furniture!

Turns out I was really spoiled this weekend. We went to American Furniture Warehouse just to browse and Dylan said he would buy us some stuff for the living room! We had discussed what layout we had in mind and did a little bit of measuring before we left.

We ended up intially getting a "one-and-a-half chair" and a love seat. But we didn't like how it was arranged at first, so we rearranged and decided we wanted another "one-and-a-half chair" to balance the room out and go on the other side of the piano.

We ended up having great luck when we went back Sunday to get the second chair, since we got the last one in stock!

The hard part about this room is A) the piano and B) that it ends up being a kind of long room just the living room, but then since it connects to the dining room so you don't really want to block that off so it is kind of an awkward space.

We were in desperate need of living room furniture ever since my cousin and his girlfriend (now fiance!) moved out in November. This is an old picture, but it was even sadder since the green couch is looking much worse for the wear thanks to Ares...

It is now actually furnished and kind of broken out into two seating areas with one area in front of the window...

And then one area on the other side. Where the dining room chair is sitting will eventually be a blue/blue-green/teal colored chair. We will be doing more a beach/coastal theme (see my Living Room board on Pinterest!) once the decorating budget is available.

As you can see the "one-and-a-half chairs" fit perfectly on either side of the piano. It really is easy to see people everywhere in the room and have a full conversation. I do like that it is balanced and we were able to make the piano part of the room.

The fabric is a microfiber that is offwhite with kind of tan running through it as well. We will switch out the pillows to match the other chair and the beach theme once I find the chair and pillows.

You can see the old, beat-up ottoman is still lurking around the corner. I am planning to reupholster it once we figure out the fabric and colors for the rest of the room.

That is is our new, fully functional living room! It is so nice to not have to give excuses about it or provide an explanation. With this done our house is furnished! There are a lot of projects, but every room is functional and has a purpose, phew!

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