Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Amazing Months

Yesterday Vander turned two months old!

It has been quite a big change from last month. In measurements, he is still 23 inches (his official height was 22 inches last month, so I think he has grown to be actually 23 inches and that we were off last month) and he weighs 14.8 pounds!

Vander is much more interactive. We get smiles now :) He is also quite the chatterbox, or he tries to be at least.

He is starting to get into toys and objects more.

He still loves bath time.

His normal schedule, which has been most days for the last three weeks, is he wakes up at around 7 to eat and get a diaper change, then he will usually sleep for two more hours. Vander will eat and then we will hang out until he eats and then goes to sleep sometime between 12 and 1. He will usually eat again sometime in there. Then he usually sleeps until 4 or 5, for around a 3-4 hour nap. Then from 5-10, he usually eats every hour to hour and a half. We may be a little fussy after 7 as he starts to get tired, but we have had a couple no fussing evenings too. He will sleep from 10 until 4, or whenever it has been almost exactly 6 hours from his last feeding. I would say about 70% of the time he eats in less than 10 minutes and goes right back to sleep, and the other times he is up for about 45 minutes. Finally, he sleeps until 7.

We are still swaddling him so his arms don't flail. I keep trying to not swaddle him but he doesn't settle to sleep as well without being swaddled.

As you know we started the pacifier as needed this month and started bottle feeding and formula too.

Vander's adventures this month include a trip to Lake McConaughy. It was his first camping trip, which included sleeping in an air conditioned camper. He really did pretty well with the heat, even though he is not a fan of his hat. He got woman-handled a lot by all my aunts that were there. Vander also got to go "swimming" for the first time. He didn't mind his feet, but was not a fan when I sat him in there.

We also went to his first baseball game. My mom got tickets from a client and we got to sit in themclubhiuse section right behind home plate and next to e Rockies dugout! Best seats in the house. We made it through the end of the sixth before we left so we could start getting Vanderman ready for bed at a decent hour.

It has been a great month and I have loved getting to spend so much time with him!


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