Monday, August 5, 2013

A Fish in the Making

We had an absolutely awesome weekend! A lot of great time as a family and we hung out with my mom a lot to keep her company while my dad was having a guys weekend (as in we ate a lot of delicious food over at my mom's house).

Dylan had the great idea to go to the pool this weekend.

I had taken Vander into the water at Lake McConaughy, which he moderately didn't mind.

The pool by our house is specifically for kids, with a wade-in area, two slides and the whole pool is no deeper than three feet. So we figured that would mean it was on the warmer side for a pool.

We took Vander in and he did really good! After a couple minutes Vander either started to shiver or his quivering lip came out, so we figured we would get out of the pool.

After a little rest, I wanted to take Vander back in again, and this time I sent Dylan armed with the camera. He loved it! He had a great time floating around in the water with me.

Also, since Vander is now over two months old, that means his immune system is much stronger now. We were still extra careful to make sure no water got in his mouth and obviously didn't dunk him in the water. Vander is starting to be all about eating his hands these days, we just had to make sure he didn't eat his hands until we washed them.

The little man is definitely a fish in the making since he was completely comfortable in the water. Dylan and I place high importance on swimming and water loving.

We want to have vacations at the beach and for our children to be happy at pool parties with their friends. We want our children to do swim team or be lifeguards if they want to. We want them to go boating and tubing and waterskiing.

For now we will keep fostering the fish side of him and hope he continues to explore his love of water like his mom and dad!

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