Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 32: 8 Weeks To Go!

We now have 8 weeks to go! It still seems like a long and short amount of time all at once. It seems significantly shorter saying 8 weeks than when it was 2 months as of last Friday. I feel like we still have ample time for him to keep cooking and to get everything ready.

The last week or so we have gotten a lot of questions about the name for the baby. People keep asking Dylan and I, "What did you say his name was again?" knowing that we never told them but trying to trick us into telling them. I know no one believes us, but we really don't have a name picked out. We actually added a name within the last two weeks, so I think we have four contenders at the moment.

There was a forum post from my June babies message board about names and it makes me so excited for him to be here so we can pick out a name! I am glad Dylan and I are on the same page with this naming plan, since I really don't feel like I could commit to something. Hopefully we can actually agree when he arrives.

We also started to get our busy on this week. Last week Dylan and I took the time to hang out and enjoy each others company. This weekend I made Dylan start on the nursery and we cleaned the house for the first time in a couple weeks.

Here is a peak at this weekends progress:

Dylan did a great job! I am so excited we are making progress and the blue is exactly what I pictured. We started changing the tape over last night so we can paint the white, and there was a little bit of leakage, which was to be expected since our walls are textured.

The little man seems like he is doing well. He is moving around a lot! He hasn't really been keeping me up, but when I have been getting up in the middle of the night he definitely moves around. For the most part he still stops moving when other people try to feel him. He will usually still kick for Dylan and then Sunday my mom put her hand on my belly and he moved just for her since he wasn't moving before. So maybe he is starting to be less shy.

This week the uncomfortableness has still been there off and on. I was totally fine Wednesday through Saturday, but the rest of the week I was just generally tired. I have been getting more and more Braxton Hicks contractions, so hopefully that means labor will go that much easier with all this practice.

I am looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow at our ultrasound and appointment! I am also excited for my baby showers in two and a half weeks and three and a half weeks. As you all know I love celebrating me, and while technically the party is for the baby... It will be fun to see everyone and celebrate!


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