Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 25: Sharing the Baby Love

The biggest thing this week is me! Lol. I have been getting all kinds of belly attention this week.

I had my first two instances of strangers commenting on me being pregnant this week. Dylan and I went to lunch after the dentist last week (no cavities still! The same cannot be said about Dylan who had to have several things done this morning at his follow up appointment, including a root canal) and our waitress said something along the lines of "I know we aren't supposed to say anything, but congrats on the baby!" She was super cute. The second was a guy on light rail who saw my with my hand on my belly and asked when I was due. We chatted about his two children (this first which he had at 16!) briefly and he was very nice about it all. 
So weird to have other people comment on my belly, but at least they realize I am not fat :)

I was off on Monday for President's Day but Dylan had work and we met up for lunch. Afterwards we went over to his work to show me off and say hi to some people. The receptionist could not believe that I still had three and a half months left to go! That is definitely the general feeling I get from most people, lol. 
Other pregnancy delightfulness this week includes my incubator finally turning on the last couple weeks. Of course it is still winter so I keep wearing sweaters to work and then regretting it. It is nice to not need a coat as often when I go outside though. I don't know if it is the feeling warmer or general hormones to blame, but I am also sweating a lot more (ew). Along the lines of increased production, I have more earwax too (also ew). I am apparently not the only one to experience these fun pregnancy symptoms, since a quick look on Google lead to many other people complaining.

The best part of this week was Dylan getting to feel the baby move and kick! He had felt him a little bit on Sunday morning and then we went to go see A Good Day to Die Hard after going out to dinner and the little man was going crazy so I just made Dylan put his hand on my belly. He felt a couple smaller ones and then a little bit later some really big ones. Dylan's grin was priceless :) He was so excited! Apparently the little man likes his action movies. Plus 8-10pm is when he is usually active (when we were at the movie) and since Dylan didn't have an iDevice in his hand like we do when we are at home, Dylan finally got a chance to feel him.
My sister also had a chance to feel the baby move on Monday, which is good since she is leaving on Thursday for Billings. We were at dinner at my Aunt's house and he was moving around so I had her come try to feel him. Pretty much right away he turned his back to her so she couldn't feel anything! It was pretty funny. A little later though she got to feel some bigger kicks and she said it was so weird!

I cannot wait for him to arrive but definitely still content for him to keep cooking for a good while longer. I feel better the longer he grows just to know he will have a much better chance of surviving if something were to happen. Plus he is so much easier to take care of when he is being carried around inside me. 

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