Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 24: Four Months to Go!

Work was crazy again this week and then we had my sister's going away/graduation party, which meant we had family come through town. So I am a little late again this week getting my post up, but that just means you will get the 25 week one shortly :)

Stats: We had our appointment this week. Everything is on track for the little man. I specifically asked if there would be any change in when we expect him to arrive and our OB said they really don't change the due date since it is so relative anyways. Unless he is measuring significantly above or below they won't change anything and his is right in the appropriate range. my weight is up an additional 9 pounds in 4 weeks, which puts me around 20 total to date. The OB said that was totally fine, but I was a little shocked. I really feel like it is all belly and baby since I have grown out a lot and the baby feels like he is getting a lot bigger too. I know I had like two weeks where I was STARVING ALL THE TIME so he had to have been going through a major growth spurt, and hopefully I stick to a normal pound a week from here on out, which would leave me at the high end of the 25-35 recommended weight gain. So everything is right on track for the both of us!
This is from early in week 24
Symptoms: The heartburn has been keeping on pretty steady, but it is definitely manageable with tums during the day and Zantac right before bed. No swelling or anything like that which is good. Belly button is still in, which is one of my biggest concerns! I really don't want an outie, and I thought I was going to be in the clear since I normally have a pretty deep belly button, but I am getting more concerned, lol.

Baby movement: He has been moving a lot! I can feel him kicking pretty much all over--top, bottom, left side, right side. I had some really awkward kicks right near my rib cage that didn't quite hurt but were really uncomfortable. Overall he is a pretty pleasant distraction at work :)
This is from the last day of week 24
Belly Growth: See weight gain under stats above, lol. I have definitely been getting more and more comments from people. My sister is finally giving me better marks on the pregnancy scale. I looked up pictures of people 9 months pregnant (which I really don't recommend you do, there are some really varied pictures out there) and I swear I am as big as some of those people! It is crazy how much everyone grows and shows so differently. Also, there were some terrifying stretch marks out there.

Dylan's thoughts: One of Dylan's coworkers had their baby girl on the 7th and brought her in on Monday. Dylan said she was so cute! It made him really excited for our little one to get here.

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