Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 23: A Little Breathing Room

This week was largely uneventful on the baby front.

I have definitely had a lot more kicks! I typically feel him a couple times a day. Usually on light rail or on the couch in the evenings, but during meetings sometimes too. Dylan hasn't been able to feel any yet, but we have only tried like twice and we were doing other things at the time. While the kicks often feel really distinct to me, they may still be more internal. The kicking is still the weirdest experience!
From last Thursday
 More and more people have commented on how big I am getting and how cute I look. So that's good at least :) I have been wearing some of the clothes I borrowed from friends. I also got a couple more things this weekend. Mostly skirts, which are non-maternity, so I will definitely be able to wear them after. Just gotta love the elastic bands :) My sister and I also made a trip to Burlington and they had a decent size maternity section and a ton of great deals!

This week he has moved down a little bit (or maybe just out), and I have been a lot more comfortable. I can definitely breathe easier.

I registered for our birthing classes! They are Monday nights in March. I am very excited! We are just doing the one through our hospital. While I am not particularly nervous about having the baby, it will be good to learn more about it and learn about the hospital policies. I don't really feel the need to be nervous since I figure your body is meant to do this and I feel confident in my OB and the hospital to know what they are doing. Hopefully that works out for us.
From Sunday
I am starting to get nervous about once the baby comes though. My mom was asking about all the rules they have these days, since everything kind of changes every couple years. Babies are supposed to sleep on their backs. No blankets. Which makes me really sad! Not for the cuteness factor, but mostly putting your baby in a sleep sack and leaving them not covered in a blanket looks really sad in my head. I will definitely be updating Dylan and I's parents on the current do's and don't's. I bought the What to Expect First Year book, so that I can at least attempt to be prepared and have a basic idea of things to do and not do. Plus it will be good to know the general time frame of development, knowing that every baby is different :)
That is about it for this week. Next week we have our next appointment, so I will be able to give you all updates from that.

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