Sunday, February 3, 2013

For the Love of Shoes and Organizing

I don't know if I am going through a nesting phase or just finally have the energy and time after five months of being really tired and busy working, but I have been going through organizing a lot of the house.

Right after Christmas I organized the storage room since we couldn't get in and out of there. It involved a lot of putting stuff in the garage to go to Goodwill. We have a pretty big stack in there now, so it is good thing we only have the one car right now.

Last weekend I spent a good while organizing the kitchen, all because we bought a sifter for waffles and I ended up getting my stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. I had been thinking about buying these for like 8 months in order to hang on the inside of the cabinet door.
I added the rubber lining to help with the clinking noise
This also added to the Goodwill stash, but my sister will be getting some stuff to for her new place in Billings. The kitchen was pretty well organized before, but now it is a lot smoother to find things. Even Dylan complimented me.

Then this weekend we finally got two more shoe racks to fit all of our shoes! I feel like we have a real closet now instead of the piles of shoes. I am terrible at before pictures, so I don't have any. But we only had the one shoe rack on the right and I had several layers of shoes stacked on the top row. Dylan's shoes were lined up next to the show rack, again in several layers. The whole closet looks more put together now.
Now I have room for eight more pairs of shoes :) But I should probably wait until after the baby since everything keeps telling me my feet will get bigger. It is so nice to see all my shoes!
Dylan has room for three more pairs, but he is not in a rush to do that thankfully. Chances are I will fill up his space too :)
I had previously had out flip flops stored in a canvas box, which is in the corner. Above that are my boots hanging from skirt hangers, which is a brilliant idea I have been using all winter, thank you Pinterest!
We bought a fancy laundry basket in preparation for doing this, so that it could go in our room instead of the closet. It is right beside our bedroom door, so not far from any of the dressers or the closet. We are getting more used to going there instead of the closet.

You can see our ironing board is just hanging out. We are working on trying to utilize only our room and not use the nursery as a "laundry room" anymore. We had the ironing board and drying rack in there. I think we will be utilizing the bath tub area as a drying rack. I have currently been putting things on hangers and using the towel racks. I would like to get maybe a shower rod to just hang things up across. And I am thinking of trying to figure out a system to store and hide the ironing board in our room, but that will be a work in progress for a while.

I also organized the laundry room cabinets this weekend. Like I said, I have been on a roll. We will see how many more things I end up going through.  Our house really is pretty well organized... but I keep managing to find something new.

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