Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Having a Boy Part 2

I posted a couple weeks about about the whole mind frame of having a boy.

While I am much more comfortable about it and getting super excited, there are still moments when I am totally terrified.

See this blog I read today here: Rambunctious. I think the title says quite a bit.  This is one of my favorite blogs and her son is one of those pretty mellow, easy going boys most of the time, which has given me a small hope that my house will not be a complete zoo. Well, turns out that boys will be boys...

Then there are moments when I am so thrilled to get to be my little man's mom. The relationship between mom and son is so unique and I am so blessed to get to be the one to help guide him and help him grow into an amazing person that every girl will want to marry (although goodness knows I will be quite discriminating! ... We'll see how that one goes...). My amazing mother in law pinned this blog post today on Pinterest: 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons

At least I am learning about more of what to expect! More importantly I am growing more and more attached to this little guy all the time :)

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