Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 26: 3D Sneak Peak

This week has largely been marked by having a cold. I came home early from work on Wednesday to sleep and worked from home Thursday. We were pretty low key all weekend which helped me start to get over it, but I still sounded terrible through today. Having a cold sucks anyways, but it is especially bad when you have a cold. I am limited to Tylenol Cold, with high emphasis on getting sleep and drinking a lot of water. Dylan has it too, so we have been a super fun bunch.

Actual exciting news this week was that we got to see the little man again! We did an elective (for fun) 3D ultrasound Saturday morning. My mom was able to join us to check out the baby too. It was so much fun to see him again. Everything is looking good in terms of fluid and measurements. He weighs about 1 pound and 15 ounces.  He is measuring a week ahead mostly due to his femur measuring long. So in case you couldn't guess since his dad is 6'4", he is going to be quite the string bean.

This is what he looks like!
A little smile

He is already such a cutie! During and after our appointment, my excitement for him to be here increased at least tenfold. It is crazy how much I already love him even though I haven't actually seen him in person yet. I am just so excited!

We have definitely had more growth on the belly front. I had a cashier at Target ask when I was due, and when I said June 5th, she said "Oh I am sorry" since I am already big by most people's standards. I am getting pretty used to it by now, but it is very entertaining. My aunt who was in town this week was not overly impressed with my size, but her son was something close to 11 pounds when he was born, so she was absolutely huge.

I am starting to worry about stretching out Dylan's T-shirts due to my belly size. I have been wearing his T-shirts in the evenings since they are a slightly warmer alternative from a tank top, but not as warm as a hoodie. So I may go buy a couple T-shirts for myself, so just pick a couple of Dylan's to utilize. Or maybe it will stop being cold and I will be content in a tank top... I can dream right?

I am making progress on the nursery front. I am working through another blog on that (which I feel like I keep promising you all, but this time I have actually made some progress and committed to a lot of what I am going to do with it).

We have less than 100 days to go and everything is going well here!

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