Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nursery Plans

The much more fun thing I have been stressing about that is baby related this week is the nursery.

We are definitely doing a nautical themed nursery and I am SO excited about it. Apparently it is especially popular, but I feel pretty good about being able to make it our own. Plus that means there are a lot of options out there.

Here is the nursery currently:
The view a little to the left when you walk in the room.

The right side of the room

The left corner with the closet
We have the desk and dresser from my sister's room, which I am super excited to have! It needs a little TLC, but it will work great :) The screen, other dresser, and probably the end table (unless I repaint it) will be removed.

Here is my anticipated layout:

We will do the wall on the left and the wall with the window in blue, and the wall on the right and the wall with the closet and door in white. I want to do a stripe just off the top, white on the blue walls and blue on the white walls, just to add a little bit of detail.

We really don't want to do a mural, even though both of our mothers generously offered to do something on the walls for us. Nothing against murals, we just wanted to make the room as versatile as possible for the future. I really feel like the blue and white will go well for pretty much anything our little man will be into in the coming years.

I had initially wanted a fancy rug as the initial thing to tie the room together, but that was too expensive, I couldn't find what I really wanted and then I fell in love with the shaggy rag rugs at a store we went to.
Here is the rug, but it will obviously be blue not pink!

I was then planning to buy two 3' by 5' rugs and putting them next to each other to look like one big one but so they can be washed as needed. I have since then stumbled across the idea to make the rug myself. It will be time consuming, so we will shoot for one 3' x 5' rug for now. I will be doing the rug in blue, which will be the same blue as the walls. The only issue was what specific color of blue...

We had found a quilt and bedding set that we really liked. Embroidered little boats and anchors, super cute. Then I looked up the price. $200 for the quilt alone and then $400 for the bumpers, sheets and bedskit that go with it. Considering you aren't even supposed to use the blanket and bumpers I thought $600 seemed completely ridiculous. I mean our oversized king bedding was only $200. Seriously!?

Clearly I refuse to go that route, so I have now opted for no bedding (we just registered for white sheets. which I may change to a light blue) and I will be making curtains and the bed skirt myself. Which means I need to learn how to sew... Between my mother in law and aunt, I think I should be able to handle this.

After much searching, I found fabric I liked online at Joann's:
I think it obviously captures the nautical/sailboat theme and it doesn't scream "baby" so that means we can hopefully have them for a good while. The blue for the room will be taken from the darker blue color on the sails and in the water.

The fabric above is set to arrive on Tuesday and then I will be able to get the fabric to start the rug! I will use the same fabric from the rug to make curtains for the closet as well. We will be taking off the doors and removing the shelf and rod to replace them with the Closet Maid system from Home Depot.  Probably pretty much exactly like this:
The no doors make it easy to access everything in the closet. The main purpose in re-doing the organization is that his clothes will be small for a good while so spliting the closet to have two levels of rods is a much better use to space. Plus the shelves will add some nice organization. The neat part is the system is just brackets that allow you arrange it as needed.

I feel like we have a solid plan in place, now we just have to actually start implementing it!

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