Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 17: Christmas!

Being pregnant during Christmas was awesome! Being only 16 weeks during Christmas worked out well since we were driving out to Nebraska and I managed to stop only twice to pee on the way out and three times on the way back. I had enough of a bump for people to get excited but I was still comfortable enough and could move around easily.

We started our trip out by hanging with Dylan's friend and his wife, who are also pregnant. They are due two weeks before us with a boy. It was so much fun to hang out with them and talk about being pregnant! I am hoping to make it out to her shower for more baby fun. And Dylan had a blast hanging out with his friends.

Sunday we drove up to Norfolk to have an ultrasound with my uncle. My parents, sister, grandma, Dylan and my aunt, uncle and cousin that live up there all came along. We were hoping to see the gender, but we just could not get quite the right angle. So we are still at 50/50. My mom thinks it is a boy since it was moving all over the place for most of the time. Turns out I have an anterior placenta (which is nothing bad, just means the placenta is in the front) so I am not as able to feel the baby moving (I have not felt anything yet, I think). Which is probably a good thing with this little one being pretty active! We did get to see that four chambers of the heart and see other organs like the stomach and bladder and a beautiful view of the spine. It was really cool when the baby stretched out its legs and we could see the muscles stretching.

Christmas Eve I drove back up to Omaha to see my great-grandma for lunch and then headed back to Lincoln for Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Eve was a blast! It was so much fun hanging out with Dylan's family. My parents and sister came down from Omaha for it and had a great time. Everyone had a great time checking out my beginnings of a bump. I always love talking about being pregnant and hearing everyone's tales.

Christmas Day we headed up to Omaha early to open up presents with my family before everyone else arrived. I got my Silhouette Cameo (which I still have not had time to play with yet!), my waffle maker, a few movies, a super cute "First Year" Baby frame and an adorable gold baby shoe charm necklace! We probably had like 55 people at my grandparents for dinner and then people came and went all evening. Everyone is so excited for us! It was fun to see my cousin who is due a week before me and hear how my cousin who is due about a month after me is doing. We are going to shoot to do a shower together in April, just have to run the timing by my OB (I'll be 34 weeks when we want to have it, due to my mom's work schedule).

Other than that, no real baby news this week. I am doing well in terms of energy and I am just working on growing a happy and healthy baby :)

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