Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Belly Bump - Week 18

Sometime between Saturday and Sunday this week by belly REALLY popped!

My mom said on Sunday, "Wow!"

Dylan said on Sunday, "Your belly is a lot tighter today."

So thank goodness I bought maternity clothes on Friday! Maybe my belly was just waiting for that to really start growing.

I had actually gotten a couple things for Christmas. Two really cute whale shirts from my family. (My mom is all about the "beached whale" concept, which I honestly find super hilarious, we thought about looking for a whale noises CD for her so she could make better noises at me when I get bigger) I also got a three-quarter length shirt from my grandma.

Since Motherhood Maternity was having a good sale I headed over there Friday. I bought a shirt, a skirt, two pairs of leggings, and three dresses, all for like $150! Super cute stuff that looks great on me now and will when I get giant too (they have a belly for you to try on your clothes with, it was super fun!).

Dark purple shirt with black skirt
An antique rose dress with grey leggings.
Purple dress (especially for work) and for winter I would have my black leggings on but they are in the wash
Red dress. I would wear the black leggings and a black cover up/sweater for winter.
It has been so nice to be more comfortable and I can pair clothes I already own with the new stuff I bought.

But really I am getting big! It is so weird to experience. I woke up that way again today (Tuesday) where I felt like I looked even bigger than the day before. It makes me excited to get the detailed measurements of the wigglebug in two weeks and see how it is growing.

I have started to get the "really big" comments from people, not that I am offended at all, but I guess I am relatively big for being just about 18 weeks. My aunt who had twins asked if I was sure there was only one in there, since she said she felt she was about my size at this point in her pregnancy. I am going with the concept of everyone has belly growth spurts at different times in their pregnancy.

In other observations, it is highly entertaining to see which people are more or less into me being pregnant. One of my closest friends and one of my cousins are especially into the belly and wanting updates on how everything is going. It is fun to get to talk about being pregnant a lot with these two :)

Along the belly lines, it is definitely getting more difficult to roll over in bed. Between my aching lower back on the days when I run around the house or out and about and the growing belly it is already starting to be an effort to maneuver.

But I love it! As evidenced by the consistent belly rubbing :) Despite the awkward physical changes, it has been completely magical to watch myself grow since it means the wigglebug is growing. Just about 5 months to go!

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