Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Rebel

About a month and a half ago I bought my fancy camera. :)

I had been looking at different brands and models and really felt like the Canon Rebel was the direction I wanted to go.

Dylan bought me "dSLR Photography for Dummies for our anniversary in July so I could get into it once I bought my camera.

My initial plan was to wait until Christmas and get a camera as my Christmas present. The more Dylan and I looked into it, we figured it made more sense for me to be able to start taking pictures this Summer and Fall, since I am really not much of a Winter person. Then Costco had the camera set I wanted on SALE! So we pounced on it.

My very own dSLR! The package at Costco came with the basic camera, a 18-55mm lens, a 55-135mm (Macro) lens, camera strap, camera bag, a 8GB SD card, instruction books, and tutorial cd, plus all the cords and stuff.
LCD screen (that rotates), all the functions of a typical dSLR, flash, on-screen menu and some on-camera editing, it also does HD video recording.
Here's the bag it comes with, pretty basic but it get the job done until I buy one of the fancy and cute purse camera bags (that is what has replaced the camera on my Christmas list!)
It has been super fun these like 5 or 6 weeks. Mostly though, I have only used the auto features. Even with that it takes really great pictures. I need to spend some time looking through the instruction manual for the camera and then my dSLR Photography for Dummies book. I think I will look into taking a class as well so get some actual instruction.

My favorite thing has been the macro lens, which is one of things I was most excited about having a fancy camera for. It takes great, detailed photos up close.

Here are a couple shots with the macro lens of flowers in our yard:

Absolutely stunning in my modest opinion :) I struggled a little bit with getting the right object to focus at time, but that is what practice is for!
We have been taking my camera hiking with us, so there are some great shots from those trips (coming up soon!). One time I forgot to put the SD card back in... so we bought a pack of two more 8 GB cards so I can have one in the camera at all times, leave one in my computer accidently and we put one in the car too.
It has been a great start to a new hobby and I am definitely enthusiastic about learning more and having some high quality pictures to put up in my house.

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