Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vows: Front and Center

I saw this great idea on Pinterest probably about 7 or 8 months ago:
(Kind of source...)
Such a cute idea to put your wedding vows or first dance song lyrics.

So I did it! Love it when Pinterest ideas come to fruition.
The how to: 1) Draw a tree in Microsoft Paint and then import it to PrintShop or a program with text and pictures. 2) Paste in vows and space out the words into the shape of the tree. 3) Remove the outline of the tree. 4) Print and cut it out! 
I bought the frame at Micheal's for half off and it matches our bedroom set perfect. 

We hung it on a nail that was left from the previous owner in the bedroom, and of course it ended up being off center...

Here's a close up of our vows :) I picked the red-orange paper from my sizable stash of scrapbook paper for the background to bring out more red from the bedding.
It is so great to have a piece of art that I made and that has so much meaning! I still love our vows and it makes me smile every time I read them, which I can do much more often now.

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