Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sleeping Arrangements

We have officially moved Vander to his own room!

Vander had been sleeping in his pack n play on my side of the room the first four and a half weeks. The first two weeks he would nap in his crib or the bassinet, but since then he usually naps next to me on the couch.

Our pack n play

He was sleeping in the bassinet part of the pack n play the first four weeks until he was getting too long for it and we wanted him to be more used to a flat surface since he was going to end up in his crib. So he slept the short way in the infant level for a couple days.

When we went to Montana he was really too long to sleep the short way, so we decided to not put the diaper changing station on and allow him to sleep the long way.

Then we got back from Montana at like 11:30pm and had no desire to put up the pack n play, so we figured we would try the crib.

It has been great! Vander can be kind of a noisy sleeper so I would wake up to his noises even though he wasn't actually awake. Now with him in his own room I have only woken up when he was fully awake.

The best thing is that starting in Montana, he started sleeping 6-8 hours straight! Then he would eat, maybe be up for an hour and then go to sleep for another two to four hours. So now that we are back home and I am going to bed about an hour after Vander, I am getting a lot of sleep. It is awesome :) I don't even feel like I need a nap most days.

My little burrito baby!


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