Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Not Forget The First One

I don't want Freya to be too left out, so I figured I would showcase some of her most adorable pictures since we have had her. She officially turned a year and half old September 3rd.

This is after my Mom and I picked her up

 Back at home in Colorado.
 Mommy's little fluffy
 Those ears are coming up!
 There they go!
 So freaking cute. This picture won her a spot in the pet calendar at work.
 So helpless against this face.
 Such a good puppy :)
 Chilling on the deck.

Playing in the yard
 Giving mom a kiss
 Puppy class!
 Just hanging out at home
 SNOW! She freaking loves snow. She literally whined last year when it snowed and we hadn't let her out yet.
 Dog park!
 By far one of her favorite places. So many dogs and so much space!
 Doing some swimming. She usually just goes chest deep.

Hiking with mom and dad

That's my baby girl!

It cracks me up how different the two of them are! For being genetically half the same, they are pretty different.

Freya loves dogs most, Ares loves people.

We have decided Freya has always been more serious and Ares is much more playful in his personality.

Right now Ares is a big snuggler, but I think Freya used to be when she was little and then she got too big to pick up. She totally still snuggles too, but she is not a lap dog, more of a lay at your feet or next to you. 

And as much as they both look exactly like Norwegian elkhounds, they look really different in their pictures.

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