Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How I Lost Ten Pounds

Last week I found out that I lost ten pounds in the last six months! Go me!

We had a biometrics testing event at my work back in December to get an idea of where our metrics were and then had one event last week as our actual measurements so we can get a deduction to our insurance premium, etc.

From the first event to the one last week, I lost ten pounds!

I attribute this to a couple of factors. As you may remember, I started eating healthier, and I also tried to get into a routine to work out more, which ultimately led to me getting into running. While those are great things, I haven't been overwhelmingly consistent about running and I still eat other things that aren't perfectly healthy.

Overall, I think the fact that I have been making an effort to just move more makes the most difference. I read an article about six months ago talking about how terrible it is for your body to sit at a desk all day. For whatever reason it really hit home with me and I made and continue to make an effort to not sit on my butt all day, every day. Obviously some days go better than others.

That article, combined with the fact that we decided we needed to start walking the dogs every day, really got me moving.

After I got into running and had been running at least two days a week for two months, I weighed myself and hadn't lost a single pound, that was about three or four months ago. I knew that was mostly due to growing muscle mass and the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, but it was really disheartening at the time.

Then we went to Italy. We didn't eat all that well the couple weeks before the trip since we didn't really want to go to the grocery store. We did good while in Italy since we ate fresh foods and walked so much. But after we came back, I got my wisdom teeth out and so I ate ice cream and mashed potatoes for a week. I only ran one day the whole month of May. I figured all of that time not eating a consistently healthy diet and not exercising would certainly not be any help.

When we finally had our biometrics testing, I was absolutely surprised to find I had lost ten pounds.

The last couple weeks I have been getting comments from several different people, such as my family members, friends and coworkers, about the fact that I am looking great and look like I have lost weight. I don't own a scale, but I definitely felt like a lot of my older clothes were fitting better. Even Dylan mentioned my butt was looking smaller (in a good way :) ). Now it is nice to know there is a tangible number of weight loss to go with that.

The fact that I lost weight when I really felt like I wasn't trying that hard definitely is inspiring that I might have a chance to lose even more weight and look even better now that I am back into the swing of things. Not that my focus was ever losing weight, but it is always nice to have that too. I am just glad that a healthier lifestyle really did make a big difference.

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