Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working On Working Out

A couple things you should know about me:

-I did not get the exercise gene in my family, my sister got all of it

-I love carbs. I know it is all in my head but I cannot be full without them

Keeping that in mind, I am working on working out more. Part of it is probably the whole New Years thing, part of it is the whole getting healthy to have a baby thing, and part of it is that I just want to be in better shape.

But I really hate working out. I love being busy and love doing stuff, but it's half as bad as pulling teeth to get me to work out (at least in my head). I hate being sweaty. I don't like being sore and tired. I don't like the skinny people at the gym because they clearly are genetically made skinny and probably don't even need to go to the gym to be skinny (Yes, that is terrible and yes I realize there are other reasons to work out besides being skinny). I don't like having to put stuff in a locker since it is cold out.

I just don't like it.

But I am doing it. And when I do work out, I am always glad I did. (Those damned endorphins tricking my body into thinking it likes something even when I say I don't)

What am I doing during to work out? I was just going to the gym and going on the ellipse machine at a good incline (12 or 20 depending on the day) and good resistance (usually around 8) for 30-45 minutes. The ellipse machine is great since it allows me to read while I work out so really my motivation is to go to the gym to read. I was doing the bike but I sit so much at work that I couldn't deal with sitting more.

I have been doing more running too.  I figured people who run all the time are in such good shape, so that's gotta be a good idea. This is even more of a shock since I used to hate running. I don't mind it now. It's easy to go and do. I can run with Freya on the weekends which is nice (plus I love being outside). I usually go for how long (time wise) I can run for. No real cares about distance or time. I can run for 20 minutes straight these days and did 30 minutes the other night with just a 2 minute stretch break in the middle.

This week I have actually been working on my speed a little bit. I was doing about 11 minute 20 second miles and I have been running 10 minute miles this week. I am trying to have better posture when I run and pick up my feet more.

My additional motivation is that I am doing this Wellness Coaching thing through my health insurance that will pay me $75 to my HSA for the 3-6 months of coaching. I selected the Heart Healthy program and my first goal for the first two weeks was to work out four days a week and to have a more intense work out. I only made it three days the first week and since we had margaritas tonight that meant I didn't go tonight so it may end up being a three day week again.

The issue is that the weekends are so difficult to make it to the gym. Fridays are usually out (unless I do racket ball with the parents at their gym) and Saturday mornings are my "me time" when I get to catch up on blogging a lot or read. I did run the other Saturday when it was really nice out (see it is growing on me). Sunday mornings are when I actually sleep in and then we run around the rest of the weekends. We will go on Sunday nights sometimes though. So my best bets are Monday through Thursday nights. Believe me, I can make an excuse on any of them :)

Overall I am not so much focused on a weight loss goal as I am about putting working out into my lifestyle and routine. And I want to look and feel better about myself. I am just trying to be more active overall and find a decent past time (running?) to keep me moving.

Pinterest has been helping me out a bunch too. People post some great work outs on there! Most of them require no equipment and you can complete in about 5-10 minutes. Perfect to get a little resistance training in (something I like even less than cardio work outs)

But I have decided to start the Fab Ab February. it starts out super easy but man it looks like it will beef up pretty quick. I'll be putting this baby on my mirror in the bathroom so I will do it in the mornings before I get dressed or in the evenings before I go to bed (or BOTH!).

 And some great advice to keep in mind :)
All I gotta say is that I keep trying, and even after all the excuses, I keep coming back and trying to make this work out thing work for me!

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