Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Brain Dump

Even though I don’t have any news to tell you about (I haven’t had a chance to have news or not, regardless of the fact that I won’t be sharing until after the first trimester), I obviously still have babies on the brain and figured I might as well catch you all up on that.

Things I hate about living as though I am pregnant/will continue to hate while I am pregnant:
-No alcohol. I knew this one was going to suck. Not that I am a huge drinker, but I really do drink for the taste and now I don’t get some of my favorite drinks! I will definitely be an occasional small glass of wine drinker (since I have like 25 bottles of wine at my house right now!), but it’s not the same. This was one of Dylan’s biggest attempts to try to delay trying was so that I could drink all summer. At least I enjoyed Memorial weekend when I went out for happy hour, had a girls night, drank a new wine at me parents, and had people over for grilling and delicious vodka, peach schnapps and blue curacao lemonade.
-No hot baths/Jacuzzi tub. I am a huge bath person. I love reading in the bath and probably take a relaxing bath on average of once a week. No more. It raises your body temperature too much. After a stressful days at work, I have and will miss baths a lot!
-Trying to maintain low caffeine. With no alcohol on the table, I got some iced tea. Then I downloaded The Bump app on my phone and was reading through some of it and totally forgot I need to limit caffeine too. Eff! So I’ll go to decaf and also try the peach-passion green tea I saw. 
-The acne. I had been on birth control for 8 years straight and even before then I had pretty good and clear skin with only the occasional zit problem here and there. Now that I have been off of the pill for a couple weeks it has been awful. Right now I am dealing with acne in the bottom side of my chin, I have had to deal with back-ne and I had a nasty one on my collar bone, right in front of where everyone can see and wasn't easily covered up by a shirt. Sounds like this may or may not get better being pregnant. 

Exciting things:
-I helped my parents go through their basement this weekend and found some of our old children’s books and also brought home my old stuffed animals. This weekend we will be arranging furniture between my house and my parents’ so I will be getting some furniture from my sister’s room that will go in the nursery. I am SO excited that we are getting great furniture for free and that it pretty much what I would want anyways! When the time comes all we will need is a crib and changing table, and the rocking chair Dylan is actually excited about. 

-The baby name game. I have always, always thought about the names I love and I actually came up with a new one to add to my list after seeing the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Beautiful and Elderly (Great movie, highly recommend it!): Evelyn. In the movie she pronounces it a little differently than I would, I want to say I prefer it with the shorter “e” but I am terrible at grammar so I could be telling you all wrong and I do like it either way. One of my girlfriends also called the name “Mia” this weekend, which was in the broader list of names I like, but I will be sure not to steal it from her.
-I absolutely love how excited everyone is that we are trying. It will be a lot easier and more fun once it actually happens and we can really talk about it, but it is still exciting. I will be the first one on my dad’s side of the family to have the next generation and I can tell everyone is getting excited. I am most excited that my mom is so stoked. She used to say she didn’t want to be a Grandma so young, but once Dylan and I got married that switch flipped pretty quick. She was talking about what she wants to be called since we already have so many people going by “Grandma.”

What just is:
-I think Dylan is 70% freaking out and 30% in denial/doesn’t want to admit that he is excited. Going through the trying to conceive process is kind of a day-to-day process for me and I asked him how much he wanted to know and be involved. We pretty much decided that when I have news for him, I will let him know. Which I think it fair and also makes me excited to do some research and come up with a fun and interesting way to tell him when the time comes.
-One of my best friends who has already been pregnant gave me her pregnancy books a couple weeks ago. I had to go hide them so that I wouldn’t be tempted to read them. So now I am anxiously awaiting until I can pull those out and try to be patient and learn the things I need to know a couple steps at a time.

There you have it! Never ending babies on the brain :)

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