Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Addiction

Last week I had a chance to go shopping with my mom for shoes to wear in Italy.

Yes I know I am supposed to buy shoes IN Italy, but I still needed some comfy and cute walking shoes.

After a long process of looking and trying on these are the two pairs I ended up with:

Rockport Emily Lase Cut T-Strap

Born Frederique
Obviously they are super cute and they are also really comfy.

But that is not my actual addiction. Well Dylan might say so, but I feel that if I really had a shoe addiction I would have A LOT more shoes.

In between shoe looking and shoe buying, we went to dinner. And of course since it was a Friday night there was a long wait. Conveniently there is an Ann Taylor LOFT right by the restaurant. the LOFT is where I get all of my favorite dresses. Comfy enough to wear on the weekends but you can dress it up to wear to work.

LOVE THEM. I wore the bottom one this week to work, which is navy and cream (the top is black and white) and I could have slept it in it is so comfy. It's that silky cotton fabric. Amazing. And I got a lot of compliments on it too :)

So why am I an addict:

Approximately 1/3 of my space in the closet it dresses. I counted and had 30, but then two were being washed so I have 32. Now a chunk of them are more formal or from a costume (See the 70s colors and 3/4 length sleeve at the far right?), so I probably only wear like 18-20 of them on a regular basis (depending on the season) between the weekends and workdays.

And I am planning on buying at least one dress in Italy. Even when I don't get to buy clothes very often, like this last year and a half, I think 90% of the clothes I have bought were dresses.

There you go, that is my addiction. And I love it! No plans to amend this situation any time soon :)

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